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Current Exhibition:
They, They, & It:  Reflections on Trans Identity

April 11 through July 5, 2024

Curator: Angela Clarke

Featuring artists:  Mickey Vescera & Shel Stefan

They, They & It
They, They & It-29
They, They & It-3
They, They & It-31
They, They & It-17
They, They & It-33
They, They & It-14
They, They & It-39
They, They & It-35
They, They & It-2
They, They & It-37
They, They & It-23
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They, They & It-2.jpg

About this exhibit

Mickey Vescera and Shel Stefan are trans nonbinary queer artists of Italian descent. In They, They, & It, Mickey(they) and Shel(they) create works that speak to trans nonbinary gender identity, the notion of being constantly observed, and a flip on the concept of suspicion, challenging external efforts toward their dehumanization by envisioning visual antidotes in painting and sculpture. As two Italian-Canadian artists of different generations, they collaborate on notions of the body, identity and gender. Their artistic synergy serves as a visual reappraisal of what it means to inhabit the body and to live in safety. 

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