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Current Exhibition:
Decadence and Decay:
The Neo Baroque World of Mimmo Baronello

August 15, 2023 through to October 31, 2023

“Ovis Canadensis”
“Saint Mark the Exploited”
Praying for peace
“Saint Agnes”
Mimmo Baronello

About this exhibit

August 15 is the festa of the Sicilian plague Saint Rosalea. In honour of this ancient celebration, the Il Museo Gallery has invited the Sicilian artist Mimmo Baronello to transform the Gallery itself into an Italian baroque church. Baronello, both a fine art painter and a theatre designer, will convert the gallery into a liminal and a contemplative space where the medieval remote past,characterized by plague and aristocratic decadence, stands side by side with the excesses of contemporary corporatism and the world of the pandemic. Baronello believes the two worlds have a lot in common. By invoking the intersession of Saint Rosalea, Baronello draws attention and seeks social redemption for our current dark age. Our desire to overconsume is exhausting the planet, he notes, and we are on the precipice of a society in decline. Please join us for this transformative experience.

Mimmo Baronello gives us his take on Decadence & Decay and how he views the natural world around him.

Mimmo Baronello Exhibith at Il Centro

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Mimmo Baronello.

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