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Celebrates the creativity and raw storytelling told by our artists living with disabilities.

Amplified Voices:

Public art spaces have always been a home of innovation, creativity and breaking through the conventional. However, individuals living with a disability are often not included.  Whether it be from societal stigmas, financial and attitudinal barriers or lack of accessible spaces, the artists living with disabilities has always been challenged by conventional and ableist methods of creating and showcasing their work.

In the Amplified Voices exhibition, these creators redraw the boundary of their role as artists. By embracing their inner voice, individuality and being, the works of 23 artists transform lived experiences within Disability culture. In advocating for better representation and involvement, each piece takes on a different tone. This series of artworks mirror the voices of healing, sharing, and connecting. By combining conventional and non-traditional methods of exhibition processes, Amplified Voices serve as a celebration and liberation in raw storytelling through Disability arts.

Through film, glasswork, mixed media, painting, print media, sculpture, textiles, and many more, this exhibition centers around their journey of visibility and taking control of the narrative. What all the artists represented within this exhibition share is the belief that art is for everyone, art is connection and art is healing.

Curator, Shanna Cheng

Museum Director, Angela Clarke

Organization partner, Artists Helping Artists

Featuring individual artists: David Purkis, Ivy Hazard, Johnny Tai, Kevo, Kiala Loytomaki, Mehboob Rajwani, Olivia Dreisinger, Richard Brittain, Tuyết Ánh Judith Nguyễn, and Warren Zeer. 

Featuring collective artists: Artists Helping Artists with Diana Nguyen, Derek Mcelheron, Rosie Lam, and Malcom O’Neill; PotteryWorks and The Colour Collective with Dan Tell, James Lash, Linda Raudonus, and Rob Bell; Aspire Richmond with Abigayle Vallance and Melody Lorna Edgars; and Studio Seventy Three with Carrie Billow, Mridu Sood, and Stephanie Davison. 

Funded by Disability Alliance BC (DABC), BC Alliance of Arts and Culture, and the Government of Canada. 


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15 Weeks


1400 Approx



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