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Our Landscapes Within Exhibit Opening

Inscapes: Our Landscape Within:

Inscapes: Our Landscape Within focuses on 10 emerging artists who challenge the diasporic shifts in their positionalities in the everchanging and growing complexities of our cultural landscape. Through displacement and reach for belonging, this exhibition seeks to disrupt the misconceptions of identity and its exploration of the self. This exploration has redefined our historic culture and value systems which construct the world.

Inscapes: Our Landscape Within captures the journey of trauma, reflection, and healing through the exchange of ideas and stories during the formative three-year period of the pandemic. Ten emerging voices tackle the transition of invisible and visible traditions of heritage and history. By echoing the same definitive work of radical actions during a prominent time of social unrest, their stories weave together the journey of connection – of internalized and inherited narratives of intersectional experiences of discrimination, injustice, and violence. The works delve deep into the regeneration of community, bringing newer values and greater intimacy. This realm of liberation has challenged reclamations of our heritage and our stories, witnessing the process and transition into a new shape in diversity and representation of what characterizes our cultural meaning within narrative art.

In representing the tensions of relationships between all things, the artists weave together their aesthetics, stories, and oral histories – leading the way for a more equitable future. Through film animation, illustration, literary works, mixed media, painting, photography, printing, sculpture, textiles, and more, Inscapes: Our Landscape Within celebrates cultural freedom and altered modes of expression with our 10 artists at the forefront of social change.

Featuring 10 emerging, BIPOC artists: Adeline Poufong, Alayna Yan, Crystal Noir, David Aquino, Frankie McDonald, Jermaine Oxley, Jun Luo, Karl Hipol, Katrina Abad, and Keimi Nakashima-Ochoa.

Curator: Shanna Cheng

Museum Director: Angela Clarke




11 Weeks


Approx 1500 + Visitors



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