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Deadline for Submissions: May 31, 2024

The Italian Cultural Centre has established four Scholarships to be granted annually to four Grade 12 students residing in Metro Vancouver. One of the applicant’s parents must be of Italian heritage, and as well a member of the Italian Cultural Centre Society. The applicants will plan to attend a post-secondary institution where they must also be prepared to pursue Italian-language course work.

Each scholarship is worth $500.00. 

The completed application form, a letter of reference, and a copy of the most recent report card must be submitted to Edda Onesti, ICC Italian School Administrator by May 31.

Prior to being awarded the scholarship money, the recipients must provide evidence of their enrolment in a post-secondary institution.

Tony Marzitelli Memorial Scholarship Fund

Deadline for Submissions: May 31, 2024

Tony Marzitelli served on the Board of Directors of the Italian Cultural Centre for 17 years until his unexpected passing in 2010. Tony Marzitelli was an avid sports fan, but also valued the importance of community involvement and post-secondary education.

In memory of Tony Marzitelli, the Marzitelli family has established an annual $500.00 scholarship fund to reward a worthy graduating student with an opportunity to assist in the pursuit of their academic dreams.

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Geraldo Donato Vertone Biennal Scholarship

Deadline for Submissions: November 30, 2024

The goal of the Geraldo Donato Vertone Biennal Scholarship is to give any student with the desire to further his/her education an equal opportunity to do so. We recognize that academic achievement is important, however we consider effort and genuine desire to learn just as essential. It is a combination of these two elements that ultimately leads to success.

The Geraldo Donato Vertone Biennal Scholarship is open to any student who is willing to work hard toward their education. It is that effort we hope to reward with $400.

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